Why Does Toronto Have the Highest Sugar Baby Rate among All Canadian Cities?

many sugar babiesWhen young women seek higher education in the city of Toronto, they have to take on enormous amounts of debt. Their long list of expenses includes tuition, room & board, transportation, books, and food. How are they expected to cover all these expenses by working a part-time job that pays minimum wage? It is an insult.

What’s worse is these young women don’t get a chance to travel and experience life. They’re so consumed with work and school that they don’t have time for anything else. So naturally, the benefits of becoming a Toronto sugar baby seems very appealing to them.

Let’s go over the top 3 reasons why Toronto has a high sugar baby rate. Also, try OnlineSugarBabies.com - a classic sugar babies finder website for getting a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

1) Expensive College Tuition

Undergraduate students have to pay an annual tuition rate of $9,000, according to statistics for the 2018 to 2019 school year in Toronto. If you add room and board costs on top of the tuition expense, they have to pay over $20,000 annually. But this amount doesn’t include expenses for books, travel, food, and clothes. They would raise the total amount of expenses to $25,000+.

The minimum wage in Canada is $11.06 per hour. Even if a young woman were to work full-time at a minimum wage job, she still couldn’t afford all these expenses after taxes are taken out of her paychecks.

Young female college students become sugar babies because they can make more money by working fewer hours. Sugar daddies offer a monthly allowance of between $2,500 and $3,000 to sugar babies.

In return, the sugar babies have to go out on an occasional date with them. For the rest of the time, the sugar babies can devote to their studies. This allows them to get better grades in their classes without stressing over how to pay for their expenses.

2) The Opportunity to Travel

Sugar babies get a lot more than money when they date their sugar daddies. They also get the opportunity to travel to new places and have new experiences.

For the first time in their lives, sugar babies will get to eat at fancy restaurants, stay at luxury hotels, and be treated like princesses. The men are usually professional people who know how to be respectful.

Sugar babies could end up with a doctor, lawyer, real estate developer, or the CEO of a big company. Who wouldn’t want to get attention from these powerful people? Toronto is filled with them.

3) Low Pay Jobs

We already touched upon how Canada has a low minimum wage, which forces young female students to look at sugar daddies for financial freedom. However, students are not the only ones seeking sugar daddies in Toronto. A good number of young actresses, teachers, flight attendants, and nurses are also getting in on the action too.

They may get paid more than minimum wage, but they still aren’t making enough money to pay their bills. Toronto is an expensive city to live in when you’re a teacher or nurse. Women who want to purchase a home or new car don’t want to end up paying toward a loan for years. So, they become sugar babies to pay off these expenses a lot more quickly.

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