In Toronto, Which Is The Better Way of Dating: "Traditional Relationship" or "Sugar Daddy Relationship"

sugar daddy relationship TorontoMany young women in Toronto are having difficulties paying their bills and buying nice things for themselves, sometimes they can’t even earn enough to pay rent and daily expenses. Some of them insist on dating a boyfriend of their age and have a traditional way of dating, they believe everything is gonna be better as long as they work hard enough. The others realize the sugar daddy relationship is getting more and more popular these days in Toronto, they want to land a rich sugar daddy in Toronto and have nice things to happen, they would rather choose finding a mutually beneficial relationship than waste their youth and beauty on young immature men.

Okay, let’s be honest here – is a seeking sugar benefits Relationship really better than a Traditional Relationship? Well, no, there’s nothing quite like a traditional relationship, provided both you and your partner are on the same page and completely in love with each other.

But that doesn’t really happen, does it? Most traditional relationships fail after a few months or years these days. Most traditional relationships are mediocre and leave you completely dissatisfied, wanting something more.

What’s Wrong With Traditional Relationships?

Well, there’s nothing wrong at the start. At first, both you and your partner will be completely in love and cannot have enough of each other. You want to have sex all the time and refuse to go out with your friends any more as you want to spend as much time as possible with your partner.

But eventually, after a few dates, you fall out of love with your partner, or they may not feel the same way about you. They stop texting you as much as they did before and invent excuses all the time.

As a young woman, you have probably had your fair share of such relationships. All the hard work you put into a traditional relationship, all the time you spend worrying about your partner, you wonder if that was all worth it.

What do you really have to show for from such a relationship anyway? Marriage? Kids? No? Then what’s the point right? All he wants is sex, and when he gets bored with you, he will move on. Isn’t that the brutal truth about traditional relationships as we know it?

Is a Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby Relationship the Answer?

Many young women have apprehensions about becoming a professional sugar baby in Toronto because they think it is the same as being an escort or a prostitute. No, that is not really the case by any means.

As a sugar baby, it’s your job to provide companionship to rich and lonely men. Whether you choose to have sex with them or not is a decision left entirely to you. You have every right to say no and not do things that you feel uncomfortable with.

There is every chance that you are going to enjoy the company of the rich and successful older men that you go out with as a sugar baby. Toronto sugar daddies are perfect gentlemen and they know how to treat a young lady. They make you feel really special.

But don’t get too attached to them as this is only a transactional relationship. Enjoy the monthly allowance and the gift allowance and use it to pay off your bills, student loans, and credit card debt. Buy a nice dress for yourself, a handbag and other stuff you’ve always wanted.


You are a strong, independent woman. You are a young woman who knows her true worth. You are smart and beautiful. You have youth on your side. Make the most of it, instead of wasting it on a traditional relationship that is going nowhere. Try Sugar Dating and start looking for an arrangement.

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